Robots in captivity drone art installation

Robots in captivity
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Robots in captivity: the exhibition

What does it mean to be human? This has been a theme for artists and thinkers for centuries. In the present time, another layer has been added: What does it mean to be human in an age of technology?
Machines are made by humans to make our lives easier, but are machines still serving humans? 
Machines are getting smarter because of A.I. and data science, they can predict and even influence human behavior. Who is actually in control? 
We tend to humanize machines, Siri talks to us in a warm human voice, care robots have a friendly appearance, yet human characteristics are also easily projected on less obvious machines such as toy cars and robotic lawn mowers by programming specific behaviour.
The complexity of the relationship between humans and technology is explored and exposed during the residence and exhibition "Robots in Captivity at Buitenplaats Doornburgh".

Robots in captivity
Buitenplaats Doornburgh, Maarssen (NL) 
April 1 - December 24   2021