About the artist

Bram Ellens was born in 1978 and is a Jekyll and Hyde pur sang. After a turbulent international career as an internet entrepreneur for 10 years, in 2015 he decided to on a career shift and started working as an artist under the pseudonym Edward Bernsteyn. By means of self-study and a group of mentors, Bram developed himself into an early-stage-autonomous- artist. 

He is known as an entrepreneurial artist and mainly makes theatrical sculptures and installations. Bram enjoys the big gesture, but tries to evoke a stillness in it. His works are inclusive, but not superficial. The arousal of curiosity is a common thread in all his work, it invites contact. More information about the artist on www.bramellens.com

If you want to contact the artist, feel free to drop an email to bramellens at me dot com. Or reach out by phone to plus three one zero six four three six four eight three zero seven. And feel free to follow me on insta.

NB. All photographs by Lize Smit